Social Activities: N.S.S.(National Service Scheme)

Programme Officer Dr.T.K.Hatekar
Programme Officer Mrs.S.S.Pawar
Member Mr.B.S.Patil
Member Dr.S.B.Jagtap
Member Dr.S.D.Aher

Aims & Goal's :-

The Objective of National Service Scheme are to arouse in the students social conscience and to provide them opportunity:

1. To work with/among people.
2. To engage in creative and constructive social action.
3. To enhance their knowledge of themselves and the community.
4. To put their scholarship to practical use in migrating at least some of the problems.
5. To gain skill in the exercise of democratic leadership.
6. To gain skills in programme development to enable them for self employment.
7. To bridge the gulf between the educated abd the uneducated masses and
8. To Promote the will to serve the weaker section of the community.

1. No. of Units - 2+1 (Jr. College)
2. No. of Students - 200 (Male and Female) 100 (Male and Female)
3. Special Programme - Special camp at villages for 10 days.
4. Regular Programme -

               1. Tree Plantation
               2. Blood Donation
               3. AIDS Awareness
               4. Pulse Polio
               5. Library empowerment Programme
               6. Rural Development Programme ( Sawa Abhiyan)
               7. Women Empowerment
               8. Antiadiction programme
               9. Educational Visits
               10. Wall paper Presentation (Kamaveer ek vichar wedh)
               11. Disaster Management Programme
               12. Project work on various subjects.
               13. Eradication of superstitution

Cultural Activities

Cultural Committee

1) College organizes many cultural activities like competition of handwriting, elocution, essay writing, rangoli and other      every year.

2)Cultural Activities:

College organized training programs, workshops for various cultural activities like Acting, Anchoring, Street play and script writing.

  • • Training program for anchoring of 8 days duration by noted TV anchor Dr. Vishwas Mehendale.
  • • Workshop for One-act Play by Mr. Pethe
  • • Acting workshop of 4 days duration by Mr. Gokhale.
  • • Acting workshop of two days by Adv. Aparna Ramthirthkar.
Students participated in cultural events during last five years are as follow:

Events Participated Won
Elocution 102 17
Quiz 22 02
Essay 170 37
Street Play 31 31
Mehandi 78 15
Recipe Competition 150 25
Dance 17 02

Major Achievements:

  • • Chetan Giri works as – Actor in Marathi film and TV serial
  • • Priyanka Chavan selected as actor in Marathi film.
  • • Devidas Kamble is an anchor at state level functions.
  • • Dinesh Gawand is music director
  • • Dipali Hakale won First prize at district level for best script of street play “Save Girls.”
  • • College won first prize for street play for two continuous years.
  • • Nitin Pawar works as an actor in Marathi film.
  • • Vishal Kulthe works as actor in Marathi TV industry.