RTI & Grievances Committees

Right to Information Committee

For encouraging the transparency in government activities and the activities of institutions funded by the government (partially or fully) Government of India has introduced Right to Information Act in 2005. Following the government’s guideline the college has formulated RTI committee which is active in the college. Applications seeking information about college related activities are considered by this committee and required information is provided to the applicant to maintain the transparency in the college activities.

Objectives :

• To promote transparency and accountability in the college activities
• To set up a practical regime for giving citizens access to information

Composition :

Sr. No. Name of the Committee Members Designation
1 Dr. Bawdhankar R.B. Chairman
2 Prof. Wahgmare R.V. Secretary
3 Prof. Survase D.T. Member
4 Prof. Shinde P.M. Member
5 Prof. Smt. Gaikwad R.D. Member
6 Shri. Garud A.M. Member

Grievance Redressal Committee

This committee encourages students and staff to share their problems related or resulting from institutional functioning. Formal meeting is called with person having grievances to identify possible solutions to their problems.

Objectives :

1) To develop the healthy relations among college students and staff.
2) To provide platform for the students and staff to discuss their problems related to college environment, functioning’s, etc.
3) To address the problems of college students and staff.

Composition :

Sr. No. Name of the Committee Members Designation
1 Dr. Bawdhankar R.B. Chairman
2 Prof. Bansode G.S. Secretary
3 Prof. Survase D.T. Member
4 Prof. Dr. Smt. Tambe S.L. Member
5 Shri. Garud A.M. Member

Sexual Harassment Redressal Cell

             The Supreme Court acknowledged and addressed the matter of sexual harassment at the workplace. The judgment formed mandatory sexual harassment presentation guiding principles for the workplace, applicable all over India. The understanding and information about it can lead to a workplace free of sexual harassment for all persons.
            The status of women in the Indian society is always secondary one. Sexual harassment, dowry system and violence on the women are most important indicators of their poor situation. Actually men and women should be equal in the society but some concepts should be changed. For example woman is like a objector commodity, her important work is to give birth to children and nurture them, do domestic work and marginal works in the society. Women should remain quiet even if they face violence and harassment. Even educated women have not awareness about their rights and laws. This Cell’s function is to make aware the women and girl students about rights and laws related to them.
            The college has “Zero Tolerance Policy” for any kind of abuse of any individual studying and working in the college premises.

Objectives :

1. To discuss women and girl students problems related to sexual harassment.
2. To inform about function of ‘Sexual Harassment Redressal Cell’ in the college.
3. To increase awareness of men and women equality in the society.
4. To develop awareness of healthy relations among the students.
5. To develop health awareness among the students.

Composition :

Sr. No. Name of the Committee Members Designation
1 Dr. Bawdhankar R.B. Chairman
2 Prof.Smt. Gaikwad R.D. Secretary
3 Prof. Taru G.M. Member
4 Prof. Dr. Smt. Tambe S.L. Member
5 Prof. Smt. Dethe M.M. Member
6 Smt. Gaikwad S.S. Member
5 Adv. Suryavanshi R.V. Member
6 Shri.Gaikwad R.V. Member

Activities Performed :

Sr. No. Activity Resource person Date
1 Sakhibandhan Hon. Dr. R. P. Lokhande 22-08-2013
2 Workshop on “Women Related Issues” 1. Adv. Aruna Vidhate
Topic : Domestic Violence Act
2. Adv.Charushila Gimvekar
Topic : Empowerment of women
3. Adv. Priyanka Kadam
Topic : Rape and Indian Pinal code
4. Adv. Bharati Korwar
Topic : Status of Women in Family and Society
5. Adv. Nazmin Mokashi
Topic : Women and Laws
3 Guest Lecture Adv. Suryawanshi R. A.
Topic : ‘Function of Sexual Harassment Redressal Cell’
4 Guest Lecture Girls Health and Responsibilities after Marriage’

Achievement :

            Our consistent and strict efforts to maintain healthy work environment among students and college staffs resulted in ‘Harassment Free Campus’.