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Senior College

Admission Form

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Class Division Admission No. E.B. C./B. C./F. F./Paying etc. L.C. or T.C. Eligibility & mark list College Fee
The Principal,
Bharatratna Dr. Babasaheb Aambedkar mahavidyalaya,
Aundhgaon, Pune-411007.

Respected Sir,
       "I hereby submit to the disciplinary jurisdiction of the vice chancellor and the other officers and authorities of the University / and authorities of the college and Institution and shall observe and abide by the rules made by the Vice Chancellor in the behalf/and also by the rules made by the Principal of the college/Head of the Institution."

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Senior College

Student who come from the other colleges of Pune University area

a) Admission form which is attached in the prospectus should be filled without mistake by his /her own      handwriting.
b) The student who come from other college will get provisional admission still his / her transfer certificate      receives from school / college. For transfer certificate student should give an application by paying fees in the      college.
c)  It is necessary to attach previous years, original passing certificate with application form.
d)  Fees should be paid according to fee-chart given in the prospectus.
e)  Admission should be given as per university norms.

Student who comes from other Universities should fill eligibility form by paying D.D. of Rs. 50 /- in the college office.

Student out of Maharashtra state should pay Rs. 200/- for eligibility.

Junior College

Admission Guidelines

a) There is facility of Arts and Commerce education at junior college level.
b) Admission for 11th classes are given according to the central admission process in Pune city.
    Students from outside the state should fill Eligibility form as per guidance by paying Rs. 10/- in the office.

Senior College

a) Complete fee should be paid at the time of admission.

b) Students of this college must fill admission form which is in the prospectus every year by paying mentioned fees.

c) By considering the conduct of student rights of admission are in the hands of authority.

d) Student who wants to cancel admission must pay complete fee of the first term.

e) If he/she wants to cancel the admission in the second term, he/she must apply in two copies before starting the     second term, otherwise he/she have to pay complete fee.

f) Fees should be paid according to fee chart given in the prospects.

g) It student is unable to fill Annual / University examination form he must have to pay all the fees.

Junior College

As per junior college prospectus.

Required Document(Course & Yearwise)
Senior College Required Documents

a) Previous year’s passing certificate.

b) Previous examination’s original statement of marks with Xerox.

c) Leaving Certificate.

d) University leaving certificate(Migration Certificate).

Junior College Required Documents

a) Marksheet (original) of 10th pass.

b) Leaving certificate.

Senior College

Arts Faculty

Three years integrated B.A. degree course.

F. Y.B.A.

I) Students must pass H.S.C. / D. Ed. Examination.
II) Students should take six subjects.

Group A) Compulsory Subjects

a) English Compulsory.
b) Marathi.
c) History.

Group B) Any three subjects

a) Politics.
b) Economics.
c) Geography
d) Psychology.
e) English Additional.


a) Admission for the second year B.A. should be given to the students who have pass F.Y.B.A. or get A.T.K.T. at      F.Y.B.A.
b) Subject selection - three subjects be selected from the five subject which he / she has taken for F.Y.B.A.
c) Out of them one subject is as a special & other two are a general subjects.

Group A) Compulsory Subjects

a) English Compulsory.

Group B) Special Subjects

a) Marathi.
b) History.
c) Economics.

Group C) General Subject

Any two have to select.
a) Marathi.
b) History.
c) Economics.
d) Politics.
e) Geography.
f) Psychology.

Group D)Regarding Papers

a) Special subject has two papers:-
       1) Paper-I.
       2) Paper-II and one general paper of the same subject.
b) General subjects have one paper of each.
c) One compulsory English.
d) Environmental Awareness (comp).

Thus total seven papers are there for S.Y.B.A.


a) Students must pass F.Y.B.A. clearly & pass or A.T.K.T. at S.Y.B.A. for admission T.Y.B.A.


Commerce Faculty

Three years course.

F.Y. B.Com.

Student should pass H.S.C. / D.Ed.

Compulsory Group

a) Functional English.
b) Financial Accounting.
c) Business Economics( Micro).
d) Commercial Mathematics and Statistics.
e) Business Environment and Entrepreneurship.

Optional Group

(Any one of the following).
a) Commercial Geography.
b) Banking and Finance.

Language Group

Modern Indian languages (Any one of the following).
a) Additional Marathi.
b) Additional English.

S.Y.B.Com.( Total 7 papers)
Compulsory subject

a) Business Management.
b) Corporate Accounting.
c) Business Economics.
c) Business Communication.
e) Corporate Law.

Special Subject

Any one of the following.
a) Banking and Finance paper-I.
b) Cost and work Accounting paper – I.
c) Environmental Awareness( Comp.).


Students must pass F.Y.B.Com. clearly and pass or A.T.K.T. at S.Y.B.Com.

Compulsory Subject

a) Business Regulatory Framework(M. Law).
b) Advanced Accountancy.
c) Indian and Global Economic Development.
d) Auditing and Taxation.

Special Subject

Special subject which has taken at S.Y.B.Com. has two papers for T.Y.B.Com.
a) Special Paper-II. } Banking and finance.
b) Special Paper-III } Banking and finance.
a) Special Paper-II } Cost and work Accounting.
b) Special Paper-III } Cost and work Accounting.