Statutary Committee

Anti Ragging Committee

Anti Ragging Committee

What is Ragging? Student Indulging In Ragging Can Be
1. Mental / Physical / Sexual Abuse * Expelled from the institution
2. Verbal Abuse * Banned from hostel
3. Indecent behavior * Scholarship can be withdrawn
4. Criminal Intimidation * Debarred from examination
5. Undermining human dignity * Prosecuted under criminal action
6. Financial exploitation
7. Use of force
* Each of the above is criminal offence
Ugc Regulation on Curbing the Menace of Ragging
In Higher Education Institution - 2009
If Any Complaint Please Contact
1. Principal: (020) 25880883      2. Dr. S.D.Aher: 9850209372

Anti Ragging Committee (Academic Year 2016-17)

Sr.No. Name of the Member Designation
1. Prof. Dr. Manjushree Bobade Chairman
2. Prof. Dr. T.K.Hatekar Co-ordinator
3. Mr. Ranawade S. Member
4. Mr. Khare S. Member
5. Mr. Kadam K. Member
6. Mrs. Gaikwad V. B. Member
7. Mr. Pawar N. Member

Anti Sexual Harassment Committee

Anti Sexual Harassment Committee (Academic Year 2015-16)

Sr.No. Name of the Member Designation
1. Hon. Mrs. Sasne M. Chairman
2. Hon. Dr. Kotbagi U. Member
3. Principal. Dr. Bobde M. Secretary
4. Prof. Pawar S. S. Co-ordinator
5. Prof. Shekhar M. V. Member
6. Prof. Pacharne S. S. Member
7. Mrs. Gaikwad S. Member

Student Welfare

Student Welfare (Academic Year 2015-16)

Sr.No. Name of the Member Designation
1. Principal. Dr. Bobade M. Chairman
2. Prof. Dr. Karale S. S. Co-ordinator
3. Dr.V.D.Sadaphal Member
4. Mr.B.S.Patil Member
5. Dr.S.B.Jagtap Member